joi, 3 iunie 2010

virginia woolf si regina maria

am gasit intamplator recenzia facuta de Virginia Woolf pentru jurnalul Reginei Maria. O lectura savuroasa, imbinand analiza exigenta cu aprecierea si ironia, o abordare de critic literar si de psiholog in acelasi timp.
citez doar cateva pasaje si va invit sa cititi tot textul aici:

Sane men and women as we are, we cannot rid ourselves of the superstition that there is something miraculous about these people shut up in their cage. Common sense may deny it; but take common sense for a walk through the streets of London on the Duke of Kent's wedding-day.

Queen Marie can write; in a second, therefore, the bars are down. Instead of the expected suavities and sweetnesses we come upon sharp little words;

despre exprimarea scrisa a reginei Victoria: This primitive little machine is all that she has with which to register some of the most extraordinary experiences that ever fell to a woman's lot. But probably she owed much of her prestige to her inability to express herself. The majority of her subjects, knowing her through her writing, came to feel that only a woman immune from the usual frailties and passions of human nature could write as Queen Victoria wrote. It added to her royalty.

despre scriitura reginei Maria: It is true; she knows nothing about 'the rules of the game'; words descend and bury whole cities under them; sights that should have been seen once and for all are distracted and dissipated; she ruins her effects and muffs her chances; but still because she feels abundantly, because she rides after her emotion fearlessly and takes her fences without caring for falls, she conjures up beauty and conveys emotion.

si: Vivid as it all is, nobody is going to claim that Queen Marie ranks with Saint Simon or with Proust. Yet it would be equally absurd to deny that by virtue of her pen she has won her freedom.

Words are dangerous things, let us remember. A republic might be brought into being by a poem.

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